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Roxul ComfortBatt R14-24

Roxul ComfortBatt R14-24

Product Code: R1424

* Covers: 60.1 ft2 (5.58 m2) * Length: 47" (1194 mm) * Width: 23" (584 mm) * Thickness: 3½" (89 mm) * 8 Batts. Mineral wool insulation is made from a combination of natural basalt (or volcanic) rock and recycled slag. The simple ingredients are melted under intense heat, and spun into individual fibres and bound into a dense, non-directional raw wool material. The raw wool is then cured, cut and trimmed into finished insulation products. The recycled content of Roxul insulation now exceeds 40% and all Roxul products are fully approved to carry the ECO logo.

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